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Bradley C

As this was our first home, we really did need guidance on a lot of things. Stephen Hansen Brown was patient and explained everything we asked. We never felt rushed, he was very educational, and in such a stressful time, felt like a rock solid quarterback through it all. Having Stephen manage our renovations freed me up to focus on other things I needed to. Stephen was thorough, had fantastic recommendations of painters, plumbers, electricians, flooring – he helped when I wanted second opinions or quotes and brought in trades that he knew were in our price range. Stephen customized his recommendations and was spot on throughout. Stephen is very trustworthy always keeping our best interest in mind. Our floor guy “finished” the floors, but when Stephen came by to check, he was the first to say they weren’t right, called the guy, and got him back to have them done right. He was calm through the process, direct with our guy, and very focused on getting it done the way it should be. I’d recommend Place LA for any buyer who needs someone to oversee everything from loan to post-closing remodel. I did a lot of things myself, but couldn’t have done it all alone. Stephen had expertise beyond any of mine, a keen eye for design, colors, and hires, and was an invaluable resource.