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Valeria F

My husband and I decided to buy a house in August of last year. As first time buyers we expected the process to be smooth but it’s surprising how much there is to do before getting an offer accepted and finally closing. Stephen was amazing at preparing us for the process and guiding us through each step. I appreciated how open he was when we just met to showing us as many houses as we wanted to see (even though we had yet to be pre-approved and know how much we could afford) – he genuinely wanted to learn of our must haves/deal breakers and encouraged us to see what was on the market in all the areas we liked. When it came time to making offers, I respected how honest he is – he ultimately does what his clients want/decide but he recommended not putting more than one offer out at a time so as not to mess with the sellers/listing agents. Something that we noticed, when heading to open houses by ourselves, is how highly listing agents who knew Stephen spoke of him. This is something invaluable when it comes time for the listing agent to advise their clients what offer to accept. Stephen is business minded but also extremely creative with a background in architecture. His personality and brains were the perfect match for us, as my husband is a numbers man and I was much more interested in picking his brain about remodel ideas. We can’t say enough about Stephen’s availability (no matter the time of day), his professionalism or his problem-solving attitude. Ultimately, for most people, the house-searching period is a rather long one. If you can find someone genuine, who is knowledgeable in real estate yet not pushy, and whose company you can enjoy, you have hit the jackpot.